Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What should I do in the case of an emergency?

You should go to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital in the case of an emergency. Our office is not equipped to handle Emergency Situations.

Which area hospitals do you serve?

Please review our Hospital Affiliation information.

Appointments & Scheduling

Will I be treated by the doctor personally?

At your initial visit, you will meet and discuss your problems and concerns and will be evaluated personally by your doctor. Your doctor will discuss your condition and treatment options. If you and your doctor determine that surgery is the best option, your procedure will be performed directly by your doctor. While our doctors often teach students and surgeons in training in our clinic, students do not perform surgical procedures. At Southern Orthopaedic Specialists, your surgery will be performed personally by your doctor.

What should I bring with me when I come for my appointment?

Please review our information about preparing for your appointment.

Can I complete paperwork before my appointment?

Please review our information about preparing for your appointment.

Do I need a referral?

You should contact your health plan for the most current information regarding your benefits, including requirements about referrals.

Can I be seen today/worked in?

We do not accept walk-in patients but please call our office; many times one of our physicians will be able to see you the same day for an acute injury. All other new conditions will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Are wheelchairs available?

Yes, we maintain wheelchairs on the first floor at both of our clinic locations for our patients’ convenience.

How long will it take to get tests or treatment scheduled and/or authorized?

Please review scheduling information on our Policies page.

Office Policies

How much will my visit cost?

Please review our Insurance & Billing information.

How can I get prescriptions refilled?

Please review the prescription refill information on our Policies page.

What insurance to you accept?

Please review our Insurance & Billing information.

How can I get a copy of my medical records?

Please review our Medical Records information.

How long will it take to fill out disability or FMLA forms?

It normally takes 7 to 10 days for forms to be completed. Healthport will be completing these forms, there is a charge of $25 per form to be completed payable to Healthport. You can contact a Healtport representative in our office at (504) 897-6351, ext. 194 for additional information.

Workers’ Compensation

Do you accept workers compensation or legal/attorney cases in your office?

Yes. Please review our Workers Compensation information.

I was in an automobile accident, can I be treated at your office?

Yes you can be treated at our office but we will not file your claim to your Auto Insurance. You can use your private health insurance if auto accidents are a covered benefit (check with your insurance company), if you have an attorney they can sign a letter of guarantee for your treatment or you can pay cash and file to your Auto Insurance yourself and they can reimburse you for your expenses.

Can I choose my own doctor for a work-related injury?

An injured workers does have the freedom to choose his/her treating physician, however, permission must be obtained if you wish to change providers within the same field of specialty. The physician must obtain approval for treatment from your insurance carrier unless it is an emergency situation. This approval can take up to five working days to obtain. Your employer can require you to be examined by a physician of his/her choice. Your failure to submit to any reasonable examination may cause your compensation payments to be temporarily suspended.

I keep receiving bills for my workers’ compensation injury. What should I do with them?

All medical bills should be sent to your employer or the insurance carrier. If you are receiving a bill from our office please contact our billing department at (504) 897-0674 there may be a problem with the information that we have on file.

I was hurt at work. Can I use my private health insurance carrier?

NO, your private health insurance will not cover injuries that occurred at work unless you have a letter of denial of the claim from your Workers Compensation Carrier. If you use your private health insurance and do not report the claim in a timely manner to your employer and follow all of the general workers compensation rules, you may receive a denial for treatment from both your health insurance carrier and your workers compensation carrier and then you would be responsible for all bills.